How to block your streaming screen to a specific size


Flaneer uses a streaming protocol called NICE DCV and a lot of settings of the streaming can be configured. We tried to optimize the settings for most scenarios, but we can apply some specific settings if you have some particular needs.

If you want to dig deep in the configuration, you can find it at this link. But don’t worry, you can always contact customer support if you need help !

In this document, we will detail 2 ways of blocking the screen resolution, even across devices.

The manual way

1. Open the registry editor, you can search for it in the Windows Menu

2. Navigate to the following path: Computer\\HKEY_USERS\\S-1-5-18\\Software\\GSettings\\com\\nicesoftware\\dcv\\display

We will now set the default screen size value in the following form [{'w':<INSERT HERE YOUR SCREEN WIDTH>, 'h':<INSERT HERE YOUR SCREEN HEIGHT>, 'x':<0>, 'y': <0>}]. For a 1080p screen, you can set the following: [{'w':<1920>, 'h':<1080>, 'x':<0>, 'y': <0>}]

3. Right click on the folder and choose String Value.

  a. Input console-session-default-layout as the name   

   b. Input the value wanted

💡 We will now tell Flaneer not to resize the screen when streaming on a different screen size.

4. Right click on the same folder and choose DWORD (32-bit Value)

  a. Input enable-client-resize as the name 

   b. Input 0 as the value (It is the same for Hexadecimal or Decimal)

💡 We will now restart the streaming so that the changes can be applied.

5. Open the powershell as an Administrator. To do so, right click on the powershell and choose “Run as Administrator”

  a. Accept the window pop-up

   b. Type restart-service dcvserver in the powershell, and hit Enter

Your connection has been timed out because you were disconnected, you can immediately reconnect and your settings should have been applied !

The file way

All of the following can be done by uploading a .reg file and running it on the machine.

The file is available at this link and a text preview of the file can be found here.

Just upload the file to the machine, double click on it and accept the popups !

You must then restart the streaming like detailed in the steps 5.a.b of the last section, by opening the powershell as an administrator and running restart-service dcvserver and reconnecting to the session, and all should be done !

Rolling back to the default settings

To roll back to the previous settings after modifying this, you can just upload the file at this link and do the same with this file as the previous section.

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