How to manage your workstation groups


This page describes the different state a Workspace can be into, and how to manage them. This also explains how to Authorize users or groups to access to a Workspace.

Understand the different states of a workstation group

What are the differents states on a workstation?

A workstation can be in different state, and with different values:

  • States:
  • Running : Your workstation is running and you can connect to it or update its size.
  • Turned Off : Your Workspace is not running. You can start it or delete it. You can also update its size.
  • Starting... : Your Workspace is currently starting. You need to wait a few minutes before being able to connect to it.
  • Shutting down... : Your Workspace is Shutting Down. You will need to wait a few minutes before being able to start it again.
  • Instances numbers:
  • Maximum number of instances available : This is the maximum number of instances in this workspace. This represents the maximum number of users that can access the workspace at the same time.
  • Instances used : This is the number of instances currently used by users. The ratio Instances used/Maximum number of instances represents the occupancy rate of a Workspace.
  • Instances in creation : When you increase the maximum number of instances available, it takes a few minutes for the new instances to get ready. This number number represents such instances.

Which actions can you do in your workstation?

  • Start : Starts a workstation group
  • Turned Off → Starting... → Running
  • Stop : Stops a workstation group
  • Running → Shutting down... → Turned Off
  • Delete : Permanently delete a workstation group.

How to manage easily your workstation group

Manage the state of your workstation group

In the workstation group panel from the Instances tab, you can manage your different Flaneer workstation groups. You can start one, or more simply delete the workstation group you do not need anymore.

You can also click one of your Workspace to get access to more details, and to handle its state more precisely.

Manage the size of your workspace

You can manage the size of your workspace with Scaling & Scheduling Policies. You can also change it manually.

To do so, click on the workspace you want to update, and increase/decrease the Maximum number of instances available. Finally, Update the Workspace with the button at the bottom.

workstation groups.mp4

Manage the access to your Workspace

By default, the creator of a Workspace is the only one with an access to it. You can give access to your users with authorizing groups.

  1. Go to the Directory tab, in the Groups panel.
  2. Click on the Add Group + button
  3. Give a Name to your group
  4. Add a description to your group
  5. Go back to the Users panel and select the users you want to authorize.
  6. Add these users to the group you just created by:
  7. Clicking the Add to Groups button
  8. Selecting the group you just created
  9. Clicking on the Submit button
  10. Finally, let's Authorize this group with your Workspace. Go back to the Manage Workspaces page, and click on the More > Add groups button.
  11. Select the group you created and click on Submit.

The users in your group now have access to your workspace, well done 😃!

In this video you will learn How to manage your files on a workstation group 👇

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