I have been invited to an organization

First of all, welcome to Flaneer !

If you're here, it's because you should have been invited to an organization.

This article will gives you the step to follow to start using Flaneer correctly.

📬 Check your emails !

An email has been sent to you via email containing a temporary password (if there’s none, check your spam folder).

You can use this on to log in and enter a new password.

✍️ If you haven't received an email, or you can't access your account, please:

  • contact your Flaneer Administrator within your organisation. They will be able to delete your account and re-invite you with the following page: Inviting someone on Flaneer
  • contact us in the app or email us at

💻 Connect to a workstation !

In the Workstations Tab, you can see the workstations you have access to.

✍️ If you don’t see any, it means your administrator hasn’t added you to any workstations.

🔋Turning on the workstation

If the workstation you want to connect to is off, you can turn it on by clicking on the settings button of the workstation

Connecting to the workstation in your browser

You can directly click on the button “Open in browser”:

A new tab will open and, after loading your settings, you will be connected to a machine.

It is possible that your browser blocks the opening of the tab, in this case, you must allow it.

👉 Managing pop-ups on Chrome

👉 Managing pop-ups on Safari

👉 Managing pop-ups on Firefox

Connecting to the workstation in the local app - NICE DCV

To use the local app to stream Flaneer, you must first download and install the NICE DCV 2022.0 Client at this link.

Choose the right version for your computer, it is available for Windows, MacOS & Linux.

After the installation, you can simply click on “Open in the local app”.

Your browser will ask you if you want to open the app from the browser, select yes. The app will then automatically open and connect you to the machine.

Manage your files

To see your files, simply go to the Files page.

You will be able to manage your files and your folders (upload, download, delete), and find them in the same format when launching a streaming session :

Find out more informations about files here.

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Start sharing your bests practices and getting relevant insights from others users by joining our Flaneer community here !

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